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Originally Posted by ttaxidermy View Post
Oh he will not forget about this, rightfully so... They know it too..
Knowing this they will stop at nothing to stop this man now..
He will be the lefts worst nightmare..
For his sake and the intention of our founders' sake, I certainly hope not. Its thinking like this that has gotten us into this mess to begin with. Partisanship for any SCOTUS justice should never factor into the equation. To quote Ben Sasse:

And thus, a fourth and final point. The solution here is not to try to find judges who will be policy makers. The solution is not to try to turn the Supreme Court into an election battle for TV. The solution is to restore a proper constitutional order with the balance of powers. We need Schoolhouse Rock back. We need a Congress that writes laws and then stands before the people and suffers the consequences and gets to back to our own Mount Vernon, if that’s what the electors decide. We need an executive branch that has a humble view of its job as enforcing the law, not trying to write laws in the Congress’ absence. And, we need a judiciary that tries to apply written laws to facts in cases that are actually before it.

This is the elegant and the fair process that the founders created. It’s the process where the people who are elected two and six years in this institution, four years in the executive branch can be fired because the justices and the judges, the men and women who serve America’s people by wearing black robes — they’re insulated from politics. This is why we talk about an independent judiciary. This is why they wear robes. This is why we shouldn’t talk about Republican and Democratic judges and justices. This is why we say justice is blind. This is why we give judges lifetime tenure.
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