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Originally Posted by dclifton View Post
Sounds all to familiar.

Problem with buying cows from an unkown unless its a herd sell out their are to many brokers just buying cows to know what your getting.

For instance i know a guy that goes to every sale in a 100mile radius of us every week. He has about 10 pastures with different types of cattle in them. He goes around and buys 1-10 head at a time at sells and gets them all matched up with what he has then sells lots of 20-50 head at a time.

Well half of what you buy may be open or had calving problems or prolapsed its like a bag of tricks you never know what your going to get.
True, we've been stung by "breeders" and by Jordan Auctioneers.

The aforementioned heifer we bought with screwclaw real bad - we returned her for our money back and the "breeder" said she would either just keep her and use her or find someone who wasn't so picky. Really? Does she really think that someone won't care that the dang cow can't stand much less walk? And why in the heck would you keep that for breeding??
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