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Originally Posted by MASTERS View Post
I double coil all my 550's and have not experienced a miss like you referenced yet this year. Some of the places I trap are black river silt bottom similar to the blackland you trap in
Single coil and wet sets could have been my problem. I double coiled them after that. I'm still learning on coyotes, trapping cats is a lot easier. I don't know if I'm leaving to much scent in the area, or what. I'm scent control freak went it comes to bowhunting, maybe I need to try that with my trapping. Where gloves and all, but just seem to have a lot more luck with the cats. The 4-5 coyotes that have stuck there foot in my traps pulled out of the single coiled 550, but like I said, the sets where usually just rained on or something. Bad timing.

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