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Originally Posted by Hunter_Man View Post

i guess i can't PM you... don't have enough posts yet. here's what i was wonderin...

i was looking to have someone show me and a buddy around the area of the buttes that you hunt. i'm sick of getting screwed with by kids, idiot hunters, and the lake patrol now stealing my feeder.

looking for somewhere a bit more secluded. i read that you hunt area 1. i don't think i've ever been out there. I tried to find it this weekend, and i believe i did, but didn't go far in because i wasn't sure. i turned just a bit past the cop training center. there was a gate, but it was open. went in a bit but man, it was muddy as all hell. nearly got stuck in my jeep.

one of these days would you mind showing me and my buddy around? i've got a mule we could pack into...

so far my bowhunting season has been completely ruined... i really need to find a spot to kill somethin!
I know of spots in area 4 and 6 that arent hardly hunted at all because you need a MULE or atv to go in there without tearing up the paint on your truck. I also know an area in Unit 3 that is along the river with huge Pecans and oaks but its pretty far in.

I'm staying away from Units 1 & 2. Thats where they are concentrating their efforts to patrol this year due to the new Elk herd thats now protected. Not that we are doing anything wrongby any means but I just dont want to be around all the traffic. That gate you went in IS in fact the entrance to Unit 1 and the road actually is really good once ya get right there along the bottom of the dam and around the end of it. where it gets really bad is when ya follow the fence line down to the old RR track bed and head south the the back of the unit where the high fence begins. I got stuck for awhile with a TBHer a few weeks ago a week after it rained and it looked pretty dry! some roads get VERY rutted back in there but there is good deer too.

Do you live in San Angelo? Gimmee a call if ya want at 325 212 3251. If I dont answer leave a message cause Im either in my blind or working. I can get texts for free even while in roaming out at the lake so that will work too.
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