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Originally Posted by Lordnorvelli View Post
Did you ever hear about anyone having their tripod stolen from the hunt area? I'm bringing one but this is by far my biggest concern. Also, do I truly need the entire day to scout on scouting day? I'm doing some pre-scouting with OnX Hunt.
Id think the risk is lower than with most public land simply because there will be a max 100 people out there (probably less on some days) but it would still be a risk.

As for scouting, thats for you to decide. I plan in being out there as early as I can, which is mid-late morning to start the scouting. I may not need the whole day but if I end up needing it Ill have it.

Do the OnX maps have more detail than Google? I realize OnX offers more in the way of gps features but was curious about the actual maps.
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