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Default Taking the wheels off

There are a lot of great bowyers right here in Texas! I own a half dz Sarrels bows, and have killed more critters with a Sarrels bow than all the others put together. If you need info on Bobís bows, give him a call at 512-940-3098 and set up a time to go visit his shop and shoot some of his bows.

Donít buy a bow based on what someone else thinks, or on looks!!! Go try the different bows yourself, and then pick the one that fits you best, and that you shoot best.

Sarrels Archery-Austin
Wagstaff Archery-San Antonio
Bob Lee Archery-Jacksonville
Dryad Bows-Weatherford
Navajo Bows-Henderson
Salado Bows-Salado

And, Iím sure there are others Iím not remembering right offhand!!!!!

The main point of my post is to get a bow that you like, and that fits you well.

One more thing, meet the other trad shooters in your area. Go to 3D shoots and find them. Then find someone to help and mentor you as you get started. Having a resource that has already been thru most of the pitfalls can really help shorten the learning and frustration curve!

Welcome to the fun side, and best of luck to you!!!!


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