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Originally Posted by BrianL View Post
I'm not buying all of this as chaos. I think there is more to this story and the direction they wanted the press going. What he said and who he said it to doesn't make sense.
I hope sir! I was thinking he was sly like a FOX also. Not so much right now. The next 30 days (once everyone is back from another VACATION) are going to be KEY......and determine where this all is going.
Originally Posted by TeamAmerica View Post
I can't imagine why McCain isn't more willing to help trump....mmmm

I think surrounding yourself with experts that are are smarter than you is key to an effective presidency. Trump has chosen some very questionable characters with tillerson and sessions notable exceptions. As soon as they don't feed his ego, he seems to discard them. In others cases the experts are not consulted (travel ban and trans military issues) making progress slow and ultimately more difficult to accomplish.

I believe he is still in campaign mode (for his second term). He is betting his odds are better if the country is still very divided. Hell it worked the first time so why fix it if it aint broke.

There are many sources of chaos but the buck stops with Trump.
Concisely, and fairly stated. No bashing , no yelling, no partisanship just simply what it is! Just maybe he is smarter than his followers and also his pundits.........I am neither but I hope it all works out.
Originally Posted by Rcole1310 View Post
So I'll say it... I voted for Trump. I did it for one reason only: to preserve the balance of the Supreme Court. I was optimistic that some good would come from his presidency but I think that's wishful thinking and here's why. EGO! This guy is so insecure that his ego is second to none. It's why he's so easily baited into responding to things. It's why he can't resist "counter punching", it's why he's so derailed when someone makes fun of his "hand size" or anything else. It why he throws you out or insults you the min your aren't "nice" to him. Ultimately it's the reason why he's unfit to be president. And it's a WASTE OF TIME to try to explain anything to a die-hard Trumper. They don't see the problems because they don't WANT to see the problems. Just like you'll never convince a true liberal otherwise. Trump himself even said "I could kill someone in the middle of New York and they'd still vote for me". He knows how afraid, disenfranchised and gullible his base is. Believe me, if there was something for them to personally gain from it, the republicans in the house and senate would be behind Trump. They can see that this administration is in a free fall and THAT'S why they have walked away from him. If there were coat tails to ride on, they would.

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Not a thing wrong with that!
I cannot believe Generals Kelly & Mattis are not working on him ever opportunity they have. Well, Tillerson and even Sessions have lots to give but they are not going to be puppets either.
Early on in the primaries I was intensely interested in Trump (stated on TBH multiple times)based on his PRO business speeches. But, various outlandish comments alienated me quickly and I publically supported Cruz. He got smashed!!! I am comfortable that I did not pull the lever for anyone in this cycle, but don't admonish anyone for how they voted.......ever!
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