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Originally Posted by Shane View Post
Was tweets the only thing I mentioned? Come on.

Respectfully, you're doing the same thing that Trump does. Anytime someone who is trying to be on his side has a different opinion or a criticism, he stops listening and just attacks them instead. Maybe if he'd listen to people more often he might be able to stop making new enemies every day, and maybe he'd actually be able to make a few more of those deals he's supposed to be so good at making.

I truly wish he would. I want him to succeed in getting more things done. He's gotten a few good things done so far. He'd have gotten more done if he didn't have so many self-inflicted bullet holes in his feet though. Being realistic in acknowledging that doesn't mean I'm against him. Being willfully blind to it wouldn't mean that he isn't making all those mistakes either.

Attacking you? Honestly didnt feel like I "attacked" you in any way...disagree yes attack not even close. Apologies if you felt that way and obviously you did. I guess I need to be more eloquent with my words sometimes I have a hard time typing and expressing what I mean. No disrespect meant at all.
Tweets is what you seemed to be pointing out the most along with two bad hires. Sometimes people dont work out and you move on and move forward im not gona bash him for hiring someone that didnt end up working out like they are supposed to. I didnt disagree with you saying he needs to stop the twitter crap but to say that its causing choas is a bit much no? I believe if congress would quit thinking about what's best for them and do whats best for our country we would be alot better off.
I thought you of all people on here would be able to have a discussion without saying your being attacked for someone having a different opinion. Main reason why I asked your thoughts and what your reasons were for saying he is the cause of the choas. Choas was here before he ever got started.
Il go ahead and bow out of this one now. Appreciate the discussion.

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