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Default 1981 chevy project

Well after about 15 years of having my eyes on this truck I finally was able to get my hands on it. I have watched this truck go from near mint condition to what it is today but it did allow me to get it for the steal of a price I got it for. I am only the 3rd owner of it and it only has 74k miles on it most of which are from being flat towed to Mexico and south Texas. 1981 chevy K20 292, sm465, 208 transfer (going to change for a 205), 410 gears. It's not a fast truck now but it will climb a mountain in low gear. Plan on getting it road worthy first and fix the body, disc brakes on the rear, then get the the good stuff and drop an LS motor in it. I will update with pics as I go, going to be a slow process but I am excited.

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