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Fresh Fish – panhandlehunter (how much?),

Canopy -
MikeB (1), Jerry H.,
5 gallon buckets to hold canopies down (filled with water) –
MikeB, Jerry H.,
Fish cookers/Tatar Fryers/Hush-puppy Oil Boilers –
BowCrazy (Double burner cooker), Saltwaterslick (small burner), Clint (three basket fryer),

Oil by gallon to make things float to the top when done-
BowCrazy (oil?)
LP tanks, hoses, regulators, ect. -
MikeB. (1 LP tank), BowCrazy (1 tank)

Accessory cook-n tools and such:

Prep tables -
MikeB (one 6’ table and my little folding wood table for KHo to use),
Cutting boards and knives –
MikeB. (2 cutting boards and knives),
Finish/serving table -
Latex gloves for food handling -
Tongs and Ladles -
3 large mixing spoons from team, 3 tongs from team,
Large Mixing Bowls-
2 half gallon green mixing bowl from team for Hush Puppies
Batter tub(s)-
MikeB (large rectangle storage container for batter-n fish),
Potato slicer -
Curly Fry cutter -
Thermometers -
from Team (2),
Fire Extinguishers –
Funnel, pump, filters, for used oil -
Measuring cups/spoons-
We will have 2 sets-enough to have the team covered here, thanks go to KHo from a former year’s donations to the team. There are two full sets.
Large aluminum fry pan - 1 in team box

Season-N Stuff/Tatars/Onions/and Such:

Batter/Self Rise-n Flour/Cornmeal -
Garlic Powder –
Salt and Pepper shakers -
Team box as 3 sets in box
Ragin Blaze –
1 full can

Barnacle Dust - 2/3rds container
Potatoes -
Onions -
Condiments/sauces/dip-n stuff:

More Accessories:

Aluminum pans w/lids for cooked fish –
Team box has 21 large aluminum water pans for Sterno racks, 22 small aluminum pans for food in water pans, 21 large aluminum lids for large pans
Racks and Sterno for aluminum pans -
Team box has 4 racks and 6 cans of Sterno
paper plates – Few in team box,
Food boat trays-
1 full case of 750

Plastic ware - 300 Forks in Team box,
paper towels –
Team box has 10+ rolls,

Paper napkins – 50 in team box

Hush-puppie Fix-ns:

Cornmeal -
Flour -
Baking Powder –
Team box has 1 near full can
Salt -
Eggs -
Creamed corn -
Jalapenos (optional) -
Milk and/or beer-

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