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First off I need to apologize as I made a critical error in that I did not convert the published ASTM spine to AMO Static Spine. This is why the Dynamic spine value was so large. After correcting that mistake I realized that I would need to modify my arrow build.

If I were to use a "normal" factory hunting arrow, Carbon Express Maxima Red 250 @ 28" with a 100g broadhead and the standard 11g insert I would have a dynamic spine of 117.4 and a FOC% of 9.2.

In order to match that dynamic spine with a heavier arrow with more FOC using the components I have I would need to build the following:
Carbon Express Maxima Red 350 cut to 26.5"
Using a 100g broadhead and a 100g insert this would give me a dynamic spine of 117.0. However it would give me a total arrow weight of 486 with 16.5% FOC.
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