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Originally Posted by MQ1 Southpaw View Post
iíve never had a problem with my PSE CF, but they were telling me that the Beman were straighter & heavier which would help for when I go elk hunting at the end of the year
It is hard to find a bad arrow from a major manufacturer today. Beman (owned by Easton) is a great arrow, as re many others.

However, build your own arrow. Look at all the options available to day for what you are hunting. For example, there are better ways to build an awesome Elk arrow other than just using a heavier shaft.

Depending on your bow specs, what game you are hunting and at what distances all dictate your arrow build.

If it were me and I was building an arrow for Elk I would use a light, stiff shaft (like a Gold Tip Velocity or a Black Eagle Carnivore). The arrow would be 550-600 gr finished with as much FOC as I could muster (more than 20% would be the target). I think this would give the best combination of long distance shooting and penetration.

If I were going to be in close quarters with the Elk, I would build a heavier arrow, 600-650 gr. Since I wouldn't need the long range performance I would maximize my penetration.

I shoot Gold Tip Velocity shafts but have shot many others over the years. My next choice would be the Black Eagle Carnivores.
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