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Originally Posted by XBowHunter View Post
Why all the secrecy?

Why the original denials of contact?

Why not just be truthful about all of those involved?

Instead the trump admin keeps getting drug the mud by the media.

He should hold a press conference today and spill the beans about everyone in the admin that has met with the ruskies & what the conversation was about.

Or he can just keep on looking like a liar and a con-man. His choice really, unless he is hiding something.

We could start here: He can produce his taxes to prove its nothing financial
Why does everyone want and care about his taxes? Most politicians release their tax returns because they are public servants. Trump wasnít a politician he was a private citizen that dealt in big business, his business. To me itís just another dem talking point to stir the pot over nothing. Being a private citizen and a business man you do whatís best for your business and yourself not your country. I could be wrong as Iím not a business owner but the ones Iíve known have never sat around thinking what can I do to better my country before taking care of my business.
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