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Added Fajitas to the donations list. Skloss may want to start a separate team thread for the supplies or we can add them to this one. But I figured we'd go ahead and include them in the donation side.

Cash Donations for Chicken Wingettes, Drumettes and FAJITAS: Radar $100, Curtintex,

Fiesta Chris's Steak Seasoning -
Other dry seasoning - Smart
Ranch Dressing -
Blue Cheese Dressing -
Other Wing Sauces - Kactus Killer/Smart, WalkinStk Hank BBQ mild and spicy
Canola oil for marinating chicken (1 gallon) -
Big wing sauce tossing bowls - Smart
Paper serving boats (2lb size $12.98 at Sams) for chicken and desserts -
Forks for dessert-
2 rolls- Aluminum foil heavy duty - Amber and her husband 8 pointer
Aluminum pans - Smart (30)
2 gallon (actual 2gallon sized not one gallon size) Ziplocs - 2 boxes for marinating chicken -
Plastic serving spoons or cake spatulas for Team Dessert-
Paper towels - Amber and her husband 8 pointer
Cheap table cloths for Wings and Dessert-
Duct tape for table cloths (5-6 rolls) - Radar
Cleaning supplies -2 bottle Clorox wipes(75qty) /1 dish liquid- Radar
Latex gloves XL - Radar
EZ UP Shelters- Todd (5-6)
Zipties - Radar
Tables - Todd (5 million ), Jason (2 large, one small),
Chairs (Bring your own and bring an extra if you can) - Smart extra 3-4 white plastic folders
Grills- Todd's big gas burner - Skloss big gas burner
Tongs - Smart (4 longs sets for grilling) (5-6 small sets for the chicken pans)
Propane bottles - Todd (1), Smart(1)
Cutting boards - Todd
Generator- Todd
Fire extinguishers -
Trash bags 55gallon - Amber and her husband 8 pointer
Trash can- Todd
Shirts – Todd
Dum Dum suckers-

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