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Originally Posted by SaltwaterSlick View Post
Aw-right, both you Steve's, let's git-er-dun!! Was my favorite thread last year... this one and the "Ambush" thread about "...a stud showed up"...
I put out cameras at the house, but haven't got any going down in the south end of the county yet, but hopefully that will happen by this weekend... sure is HOT tho...

Don't really need any feeders in the back of my place... so dang many akerns, they probably won't mess with the corn anyway...

Jooger, hope your work situation is a little more stable now... but not enough to keep you from gettin' in tha woods!

Good luck to everyone!

And GarGuy, if anybody gets nasty, the Ignore function is your friend!! Sure has helped my bloodpressure over the last couple years anyway.

I landed on a 28/14 schedule and JSAPP is one of my bosses. Couldn't ask for a much better situation. Blessed and thankful to be where I'm at with the people around me. I'm also only about 2.5hrs from bphillips's ranch and I've been known to pick the lock on the gate during casing break

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