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Originally Posted by jpbruni View Post
Sorry Guys (and Gals) but I have been waiting till the last minute to make the call. I don't see how there is going to be any way to make it this year. Since they moved the weekend on us, this really messed my plans up. This will be the 1st one I have missed in 6 years!

My Son's 9th B-Day party is Sat at 1:00 and his actual B-Day is Sunday. If I come down on Friday afternoon, stay the night and then get up, cook for a while and then head out (which, believe me I am still tempted to do), the "what ifs" come in to breaking down/flat tire/hangover, etc. If I miss or am late to his party, I will be sent to the dog house at the North Pole

If I come in on Sat afternoon (which again, I am still tempted to do) I would miss the big meal and would not be there to wish him Happy Birthday on Sun am. I'm certainly not complaining about having to be there for his birthday, I just wish I could be in both places at once!

Sooo...y'all have fun and raise up a shot for me. Sniff, sniff

Going to miss you this year JP but the kids are definitely more important.

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