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Originally Posted by catslayer View Post
My point is some of those kids have worked since they were 14(i did and lots of my classmates)... some are in the crap situation the dime school girl was in b4 leaving for new york.

Some are men(and women) who we can help shape thier ideals who will be responsible... some are ppl who we might wake up... heck some wont be useful no matter what we do.

But putting a book like this in front of them stretches the mind, nobody will take it all in in 1 go.

As i said i think your wrong, them not being prepped is OUR fault for not prepping... the best english teacher in my schooling put a hard book in front of her seniors, and we rose to it and LOVED her for it. You teach
Young men, that doesnt make them not men.

We can agree to dissagree, i will say this would make a GREAT college course, better than history of misic for sure, but they way i HOPE i can raise my kids they would get somthing out of it.

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You are describing somewhere between 5-10% of students nowadays, which is sad.

It is the parents that are failing the kids. My kids is more than ready, but he has been working since 15 and is an Eagle Scout.

The book I would start with at the High School level is "How to kill 11 million people" if you have not read it you need to.

We may disagree here, I teach science and push my kids hard and really make them think outside their comfort zones. I would rather hit them when they are ready for a book like this than burn the bridge because they were not ready. It is that important to me.
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