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Originally Posted by Bisch View Post
Just put it between two ribs and you will be golden!!!!


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I hope and pray I'm lucky enough to get it between ribs, but I know my chances of that are slim with the way those critters are made. If I can pull off the same shot as Tim did putting one right in the pocket, then I'll be golden!!

Originally Posted by Dry Bones View Post
VERY nice head. I am hopeful to see that thing poking out the off side of a LARGE Buff. Since I have exactly 0 experience with Africa, what is your projected range on said Cape Buffalo with traditional equipment, and just curious... Does your PH back you up with some large bore rifle? 45-120 express??
Thanks sir! Really hoping I can see my arrow sticking out the opposite side of his rib cage when it all happens!

Hoping to keep things in the 15 to 20 yard range, but we shall see how it all pans out. Lammie (my PH) will carry are rather large caliber rifle in hand in case the worst happens and take care of it from there. I truly hope that it does not come to that as I don't want projectiles other than my arrow being shot at him, but if it has to happen then so be it.
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