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Default FSC Week 20

Target: Take a paper plate and find the center. Draw three points set at 3" (on center) from the plate center. The three points should be set at 120 degrees from each other relative to plate center. Center a quarter on the outer lying points and trace then darken the circle. The highest target circle cant be any higher than 24" above the ground.

Prime Shots: Three shots. One shot at each circle from standing position. 1st shot from 7 yds then 11 yds and finally 17 yds.

Measure: From edge of shaft to center of circles.

Score: Add all three measurements. Lowest total measurement wins.

(Note: any piece of paper will do fine for target. As close as possible to 120 degrees is fine if a protractor is not available. I used my leatherman. Im just gonna set the top of my plate at 24" from ground)

God bless!
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