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Originally Posted by Perez0164 View Post
All the info here was great helped a lot for my first time hunting here so thanks first all. This is my second time bow hunting or hunting period but it's been fun so far even without harvesting anything.

I was not able to come out yesterday but came in today so far it's been quite where I'm located only saw to coyote. Like around 11 I got off to go grab a bite in my car and sure enough 3 doe like 100 yard passed righr in front of me. I set up an extra pop blind I had close to where they passed as trail there looked frequently used so we'll see if that pays of tomorrow. This afternoon has been super slow and quite as well. Once I got back to where tripod is I went to walk and stalk for a bit to know the are more and found some good trail and then some that seemed old but maybe try does next year see if I get drawn again. Good luck to all out here is you need anything I'm around to help if I can. .... also first post here since I joined a while back lol
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