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Originally Posted by mikemorvan View Post
My main question / concern is this. I want to make sure the blind is just small enough to allow a full 4x8 - 5/8" piece of cdx plywood to serve as the roof. I only want one piece of plywood for the roof. I've forgotten what little geometry i ever learned. But a think a 41" width, with 6" drop from front to back will leave enough of the 48" piece of plywood to have an inch or so overhang on the front and back. Am i right? I hope this makes sense.

Sorry about the size. Thanks for looking.
You are going to end up with 3.25" of over-hang on both sides.

41^2 + 36^2 = ~41.5^2

If it were me.. I wouldn't put plywood on the roof and would just attach the tin directly to the rafters.

If I were to put plywood on the roof, I would make flush the plywood and give myself an extra precious leg room and make it 47.5" wide with the 6" rise to come out at 48". Tin comes in 10-12' lengths and you can cut them in half to get your water shedding overhang.

If you are going to bother to put plywood on the roof... might as well put 15# felt too otherwise there isn't much point IMO. But again, I wouldn't put either (I haven't and I don't regret not doing so.)

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