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Originally Posted by TeamAmerica View Post
you need the old Pythagorean theorem. A squared + B squared = C squared. i think with two known sides of the triangle would be 42" (48 minus 6" overhand) and 6" (front elevation change). this means the other dimension (or depth of the blind in your case) would be 41.5". I think your 41" guess is almost right on.

good luck!
I knew about old Pythagorous. I've just never been able to exactly cypher out his theorem. This is what i was looking for. Thanks. Just wanted to have someone verify before i went to cutting material.

I'm going to have windows made of plywood that will open with a wire loop hooked to the inside of the ceiling. I put hasps inside to latch them closed. I don't have to worry about windows breaking, blowing open, or generally being jacked up. I've checked out the Deerview windows and certainly don't have anything negative to say about them. I just prefer to be able to latch the windows shut from the inside, and have them stay shut.

Thanks for all the input. Hopefully i can add some pics as i move along.
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