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Originally Posted by Christianhuff View Post
Man, bitter sweet today. I had an awesome hunt with a pope and young 8 inside 20 yrds and two other young 8's going at it in the clover plot. The fed in it for over an hour and never looked at the free choice feeder 50yrds away. Very rewarding to see that after all of the work. Here is the crappy part, went out to meet my neighbors after being here a couple of years. Talked to one guy and he said he killed 6 deer last year and it was a slow year. 2 spikes, a big 10 point that came from our place before he shot him in his hay meadow, and no telling what else. Then he proceeds to tell me he saw a giant inside the neighbors gate that backs up to us last week. Ran back to get his gun but he was gone![emoji15] then he proceeds to tell me his brother killed a lot more deer than he did last year. Then talked to the next neighbor and he killed 5 deer. A 5 point, 7 point, and a couple of other bucks. At this point I'm disgusted and just leave, sucks to work that hard and then have neighbors that tell you they are poaching! The real bad part is, those are the only two neighbors I talked to. Add that to the guy my buddy bought a 4 wheeler from up here, that said he killed all of his big deer rattling back to back with his buddy with a spot light and rifle. Now It confuses me as to why they say all of these Texas hunters are messing up their hunting? For the record we have shot one mature buck off of our 400 acres in two years...Rant over!!

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Take it to the game warden man, I know it sucks, but they won't stop unless they're caught. I hate poachers with a passion like no other probably has a lot to do with growing up in E Texas.
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