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Originally Posted by flywise View Post
Lee was not alone, I'm confident in that

Originally Posted by jerp View Post
I went down the conspiracy-theory wormhole over 30 years ago. A shelf in my house groans with the weight of books I read about it. Every time a new one came out I gobbled it right up. It took a long time but I eventually came full circle and now believe that Oswald acted alone. I also gave up arguing about it years ago. I finally realized that very few - if any - of the people in the "KACT community" have followed the evidence wherever it leads. All start with the unshakeable belief that there was a conspiracy of one kind or another then only consider evidence that supports their theory. Arguing with them is like trying to talk a fervent believer out of their religious faith - believing does something for them that goes beyond reason. My favorite of the KACT debunking books is Gerald Posner's "Case Closed". It is a very detailed, well researched and footnoted book (it is also very long) Of course the cottage industry that is KACT felt threatened by it so here came a slew of books to debunk the debunkers book. It will never end, and few minds will be changed. What may look like organized cover-ups was mostly law enforcement bungling, buck-passing and incompetence (in Dallas and at the Federal level) I understand it is hard to accept that one angry loon could take out the most powerful man in the world but throughout history, sometimes weird and unlikely things happen. And sometimes coincidences are just that - coincidences.
Ok, I can buy that. However, TWO angry loons (LHO and Ruby) who took out huge players, all in one conspiracy? When Ruby killed LHO, that's when you get the sense that someone is trying to silence the patsy. I really liked your post though.

Originally Posted by Livin'2hunt View Post
Yep. A 40 yard chip shot from the 2:00 position to right front hairline of Kennedy's head would, in fact, cause his head to lurch toward the 7:00 position. I wonder about folks who try to dispute basic physics. Especially, forensic scientists.

Originally Posted by systemnt View Post
I'm pretty convinced, by history, that whatever is sealed ...isnt going to be any more conclusive that what we've already been fed/told...
It was just a way of closing the door with some finality to get people to move on and stop asking questions...
Agree 100%^^^^^^^

Fascinating subject and always will be. Too many witnesses described gunshots from different areas, combined with head trauma that doesn't match what they're telling us happened, combined with a strip club owner killing the man who allegedly assassinated the POTUS in plain view of the world during basically a parade and it equals a heck of a story that they'll still be talking about and debating 100 years from now.
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