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"Whenever I can afford one, a trad bow will be my next one. What poundage are you guys using for hunting. I'm 52 and need to get a bow strong enough to hunt with but weak enough I can manage it. You can PM me if you want. "


You don't have to buy an expensive bow. Like Bisch has said many times on this board, "It ain't the bow, it's the monkey pulling the string!" I subscribe to this sentiment. If you go traditional, prepare to go long and stick it out because it will be a long journey to become proficient. But that is why it is so rewarding and addictive.

I've been in this game for three years and just now have my form to where I'm fairly confident of my shot. Countless hours of practice is necessary.

Get a Samick Sage recurve not more than 35#, have someone help you set it up with some arrows that fly true, and start flinging! After you have your form down, you can look for a prettier bow that you probably won't shoot as well as the Sage.

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