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Originally Posted by Muley View Post
Well now that I've had a chance to read this thread through completely, I did have a couple of comments/questions:

- First, don't let the haters discourage you from writing; you've got a real talent and any hunter worth his salt can appreciate the skills you've honed from years in the deer woods. I haven't been on this board much since I sold the archery shop and got tired of all the haters myself; but this thread really got me excited about hunting. Plain and simple. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

- Honestly, I'm sick and tired of sitting on feeders. My favorite hunts have always been spot and stalk hunts in the mountain states. For whitetail, I think I'm ready to take the "GarGuy plunge" and switch over to hand throwing a lil nilla corn in their bedroom. 'Been plotting a new strategy since I read your thread. Feeders did however make it very easy to feed year round. My question is: do you still make the effort to corn up each spot all year long, or do you prefer to keep the activity to a minimum in these sanctuaries and wait 'til say, August to start sneaking in for your corn drops? 'Need to figure out a way to do this and keep a wife!

- For the particular spot I have in mind, I'm probably going to need to throw up some hog panels to keep 'em out. I read where you've had to do this in a couple of your spots. Have feed pens hurt your success on pressured bucks?

- While I've killed many a deer out of treestands, I've gone to mostly home-made, 2-seater ground blinds since I share the same passion as you for taking kids, and some friends that never had the opportunity, and helping them learn the bowhunting ropes and be successful taking does and culls. I find this more rewarding than hunting for myself these days, and it makes each hunt exciting even if the trophy I'm after never shows. Some of the best memories and bonding experiences I've had with each of my girls are of successful bowhunts together. Given that, I haven't read much of your opinion on ground blinds and how you're able to get in there and set up in an ol' buck's sanctuary without causing him to relocate. I would love to hear you expound a little more on your ground blind set up; over a beer some day would be even better! Thanks

I'm sure GG will be around shortly but I can answer some of these for him for a couple of reasons. 1. We hunt a lot alike. 2. I've been all over the land he hunts and understand the system as well as anyone.

As far as the feeders go, I can only think of 1 stand that Steve and his family are actively hunting that doesn't have a feeder either in site or at least in hearing distance. The feeders are critical for keeping corn and activity going in the area. If you keep the corn going there the bucks will show themselves within a couple hundred yards of them. Strategy and planning prior to starting the feeder can go a long ways. You can set traps where buck's will be vulnerable. My favorite stand I ever hunted in E. Tx was only about 100yds from the feeder. It it was set in a way that I could hunt the trails the buck's used to scent check the pipeline and the feeder where it was sitting without being winded myself.

The hog pens are relevant to the personality of the deer. I've had some that deer couldn't care less about them and in some cases seemed to prefer to eat inside them. In other cases they'll avoid them like the plague. With that in mind, if I can get away without using them I won't. If it's absolutely necessary I'll use them.

The ground blind vs tree stand is one where GG and I disagree a little. He prefers them over all others. I prefer a lock on any time I can. That said there's a lot of benefits to ground blinds when hunting in these thick areas. Maybe the most important pro to them would be that if you put a lot of consideration into your set it it is possible to enter/ exit the hunting area with deer in the corn 20 yards away. You can use the tree stand to block your entry and exit but you have to get creative with it when you set it up and do your trimming.

Best of luck to you, Steve will be along to provide more detail I'm sure.

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