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Phillip, sure hope you guys whack 'em!! For this time of year, be sure and take some of the TSL Grasswalkers... Most fall trips have always been fishing in floating grass, especially if you're wading. Get the captain to show you where "The Pelican" is and fish the first cove just south of the cut where it is anchored... There's a deep cut right up against the bank that you can run all the way up in that cove... If you want to try the surf, it's a short walk across from there... The north shoreline of Redfish Point also has a deep cut that will get you far into the cove there and makes for a short walk across there... If the surf is clear and fishable, I'd try that first. You'll know pretty quick if the fish are on the outside... If they are, stay there... fish will be bigger and more aggressive, especially on an incoming tide. Your tides won't be the best, but hopefully it will be moving enough to get the current up to make the fish active.
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