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BIG BONE 01-12-2018 09:44 AM

AR10 Optic Help
Gettin a 16.1 LaRue 308 in a month or two and Iím trying to figure out which scope put on it. I mainly bow hunt so this rifle will pretty much only be used for pigs and varmits. And Iím usually driving around the lease or ranch with a rifle close by and when I spot a pig or coyote Iíll kill the ranger or truck and make some quick shots. The ranges Iím mainly shooting at are around 100-150. But I do occasionally have a shot at 600 I would like to take but most my killin is on big groups of hogs and I want to have a scope that will give me a nice field of view but can take me mid range if need be. Iíve researched a bunch of scopes online but havenít had a chance to look through them yet. Interested in acog the most right now but have zero experience with it. Maybe Bushnell hdmr or something like that. Not sure. Whatís yíall thoughts

rugger 01-12-2018 09:57 AM

I put a zeiss HD5 3-15 on mine and love it. Its a hunting scope and doesn't look Tactical but is a nice piece of glass. They are on sale at cabelas right now to (like $500 off!).

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