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diamond10x 11-12-2017 12:15 PM

Diamond C or Big Oak?
I am probably splitting hairs here but, due to work next year, I won't be able to make my annual trip to Colorado for Elk and Mule deer. Wanting to do a weekend hunt at either place to get a really nice ram or even upgrade to a fallow or sika if I happen to encounter one to my liking as I am very picky. Which of the two would be the green screens pick for this?

Open to other opinions of places that would fit my wants.

IDAHO_BOWMEN 11-12-2017 12:26 PM

Either one I think you will be very happy with.


whit85 01-15-2018 07:08 AM

Big Oak!! although i may be a little bias as to the fact i am the Guide here. We have plenty of everything. you can check out our web page or facebook.

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