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woodsbound 02-08-2015 08:07 PM

How to make a traditional ham out of wild hog: Wet Brine
I have had several members PM me asking for this recipe so I will post it here for now and future use. This is a wet brine method using pink salt, or insta cure #1, that you should be able to pick up at a your local butcher or meat market. This will turn your traditional rear quarter into a rosy pink delicious ham, hope yall enjoy ;)b

4 Quarts/ 1 Gallon of water
1 1/2 Cups kosher salt
2 Cups brown sugar
8 Teaspoons pink salt or insta cure #1
1 Fresh wild hog quarter

1. Weight the quarter to find out total weight. This brine will cure at a rate of 2 lbs per day, so knowing your total weight is important.
2. Heat the water and stir in all ingredients until dissolved (you can add other ingredients if you like, such as lemon, sage, molasses etc, but not necessary unless desired)
3. Place the quarter in a bowl large enough to completely submerged, but small enough to store in your fridge. At this point if you have an injector you can inject some brine around the bone. This is optional, if no injector don't worry, you will be fine.
4. Pour brine over quarter, should be enough to completely submerge the quarter and it should try to float on you. Just use a heavy plate or bowl and place on top to hold it under.
5. Cover and store in fridge, brine will cure at a rate of 2 lbs per day.
6. When the time has come, remove from the brine, pat dry, and season to your liking. Cook to an internal temp if 155 degrees, and will now have a delicious rosy pink ham instead of a traditional roast. Don't forget to glaze it.

Tip: If going to smoke it, pull from brine the night before and let it rest in fridge the night before. This will help the smoke stick better and provide a good smoke ring, flavor, etc

Kevin 02-09-2015 09:21 AM

Thanks! Going to give this a try!

txpitdog 02-09-2015 10:41 AM

Always wanted to try this. Thanks. Do you think it would work for making bacon from the belly if you got a really fat one?

DFA 02-09-2015 12:31 PM

Good info thanks

huntandfishguy6 02-10-2015 07:40 AM

Sounds good

TEAMXL 02-10-2015 07:59 AM

Thanks for sharing.

DesertDug 07-22-2015 06:54 AM

In for For reference.

Jon P 08-10-2015 07:34 PM

Well guess I need a pig for this.

Drycreek3189 08-10-2015 07:39 PM

How salty does it get ?

HoustonHunter94 08-10-2015 07:40 PM


woodsbound 08-10-2015 08:35 PM


Originally Posted by Drycreek3189 (Post 10360978)
How salty does it get ?

I haven't had anyone say too salty, but could always adjust the Kosher salt to your liking if you find traditional hams on the salty side

Drycreek3189 08-11-2015 10:51 AM


Originally Posted by woodsbound (Post 10361195)
I haven't had anyone say too salty, but could always adjust the Kosher salt to your liking if you find traditional hams on the salty side


Shake N' Bake 08-11-2015 11:17 AM


Stoof 08-12-2015 03:22 PM

I brine most everything, hog, turkey and some deer these day's. You wont notice the salty at all.

BURTONboy 08-12-2015 03:27 PM

Will try. Thanks for posting.

Gunnyart 01-05-2018 09:15 AM


Shake N' Bake 01-05-2018 09:18 AM


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brianlg31 01-05-2018 09:21 AM


Flint knapper 01-05-2018 09:25 AM

Cool, I've got to try this! Thanks:)

woodsbound 01-05-2018 09:54 AM

I'm surprised no one on here has tried this, I promise you wont be disappointed. If going to try it please don't confuse the pink salt with Himalayan pink salt. You will need insta cure#1 but ppl often refer to it as pink salt, link for some online is below


Coachs Wife 01-19-2018 06:19 PM

I may have to document/steal this for my website next time we get a pig. Sounds amazing and simple. Our son missed a pig a few weeks ago, but I know he'd love to try this if he can get a good shot off.

TWT95 01-20-2018 10:53 AM

I've been doing this for years. It's awesome. I always smoke mine. Tried it in the oven and it was not good. I brought this to my mothers easter one year. She tried baking a store bought uncurred ham. That was a disaster. I put mine out and it was gone immediately. Everyone asked me where I got it. I hadn't told them what it was because I knew some of them wouldn't have touched it. Everyone was blown away after they found out that I shot it, and prepared it. It is better than any cured ham you can buy at a store.

kenfa03 01-20-2018 11:37 AM


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kruppa24 01-20-2018 11:40 AM

Awesome, thanks for sharing

Poolman2001 02-28-2018 04:25 PM


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