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JasonS 07-29-2018 09:04 PM

how to pick a spot to hang bait for alligators
I won a draw in LA, and I think I can set up anywhere I want within the WMA. Is there things to look for when picking locations to hang baits? Ive heard people say to scout around early/late and look for bigger gators.
I am assuming they will be further back/harder to reach areas.

As a set up,
I basically came up with 10/12 hook
300-400lb line, someone said "mule tape"
Hang about 1-2ft above water
thinking rotten chicken, or nutra/raccoon as bait.
Was sure if really need steel cable leader.

Not looking for a monster, seems like 8-9 foot could be realistic goal.

Shurshot 07-29-2018 09:06 PM

Donít know much about it but I have been told if you hang a bit high it will keep the smoker gators from getting it.

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Cajun Blake 07-29-2018 09:16 PM

Where do you live , and which WMA do you plan on hunting ?

T-roy66 07-29-2018 09:33 PM

You don’t need steel leader. I use a 12 /0 hook on about ten feet of #96 trotline material for the leader. Then use about twenty feet of 1/4 inch rope to attach to a stake. For bait use a 1/4 piece of chicken that has set out for a day.shoot me if you have any more questions.

JasonS 07-29-2018 09:39 PM

I live in Metairie, hunting Joyce WMA. I drew three tags. I believe season starts Last Wednesday in August, goes 30 days (east zone, Tangipahoa parish). I think I can hunt the whole season. Ive neve done this before, so Im very excited.

happy that I don't need the steel leader.

How far does the stake need to be driven down? seems like they could pull the stakes out.

A friend of mine said they really don't act that crazy if you pull them up slow, hopefully this is true.

JasonS 07-30-2018 07:31 AM


Bowtech38 07-30-2018 07:59 AM

Chottem jake

JasonS 07-30-2018 08:14 AM

Whats Chottem jake?

JasonS 07-30-2018 08:19 AM

Shootem Jake?, lol

AntlerCollector 07-30-2018 08:21 AM


Originally Posted by JasonS (Post 13515458)
Whats Chottem jake?

Watch a few episodes of Swamp people! You will be an expert:)

Good luck

The Manager 07-30-2018 08:32 AM

look for slides or small worn areas between two canals or a small slew between two bodies of water where they are traveling back and forth. We catch big gators all the time but do best where we find a slew or cut coming from a shallow body to a deep water way. if you want to PM me your contact info, I would be glad to help you out or answer any questions you have.

Patton 07-30-2018 09:20 AM

PM gander or johnpaul, they know how to consistently get it done

Capt.Bryan 07-31-2018 12:36 PM


Originally Posted by T-roy66 (Post 13514920)
You donít need steel leader. I use a 12 /0 hook on about ten feet of #96 trotline material for the leader. Then use about twenty feet of 1/4 inch rope to attach to a stake. For bait use a 1/4 piece of chicken that has set out for a day.shoot me if you have any more questions.

X2 pretty much all we did when I filled gator tags when guiding.

Picking locations is pretty much idling around and glassing for gators late evening or spot lighting at night. Also if you see slides on mud banks or grass all laid down where they been sliding in and out of water.

BBReezen 07-31-2018 12:39 PM


Originally Posted by Patton (Post 13515602)
PM gander or johnpaul, they know how to consistently get it done

Thatís cause they have other folks catch them for them, right John Paul???:D

JasonS 07-31-2018 02:17 PM

Thanks for all the help, guidance. Im very excited.
I think we get to start September 8, they let the comercial guys out a week early.

Im going to look up skinning them, how to process the meat. I do all my own deer.

gander 07-31-2018 02:17 PM

Just now seeing this. I have always just used Nylon Braided Rope. You can buy it in 500 foot spools for anywhere from $70-100. I usually use 25-35 foot of rope, kinda dependent on what the surroundings are like (if there trees in the water they could wrap around I'll use less line. For bait, I just buy the cheapest frozen chicken quarters I can find, dump those in a sealable 5 gallon bucket and dump 2 containers of chicken livers over them. I like to do it about 2 days before I plan on setting them out, and leave the bucket in the sun. Make sure you bring rubber gloves because it will stink, I usually try to remember hand sanitizer too. Also to cut down on handling it when it's rancid, we have started hooking the baits before hand and leaving a length of the line and baited hook in the bucket with the lid snapped on to rot.

When looking for places to set lines, I typically catch my biggest gators on small, narrow and even sometime's pretty shallow ditches/canals, coming off of deeper channels. As stated before, looking for slides going over levy's, obviously the wider the better. I catch a lot of big ones on "sunning spot's" that I see along the back. Basically just looks like a bedding area for an animal, where all the grass will be laid down like someone had left a boat or piece of plywood on and all the grass is laid down flat. Any two bodies of water that intersect, put it on the corner. I try to hide the line as much as possible, don't let it hang beside the bait if 'its hanging from a pole, I'll run it as tightly along the pole as I can so that only the bait is hanging over the water. Unless, you have done it before, you probably won't understand the smell that I am talking about, but an alligator put's off a distinct odor and typically the bigger ones have an even stronger smell, so there's times when I am idling down a canal looking for somewhere to set one up and I can literally smell there's a bigger gator in that area. Most my biggest gator's I kill each year, I never actually see them until I actually have them on the line.

Get the bait rank enough, get in an area where there are gators and you will catch them. Good luck and have fun, it really can be a lot of fun.

JasonS 08-05-2018 09:42 AM

Thanks for everyone's help, tips. My hunt starts around sept. 8. Ill post how it goes. Spoke to a guy in the actual area, and from talking with him I should be able to get 3 gators without an issue, Avg size is 4-6ft, but he has seen bigger. Since I have a few weeks to hunt, Im going to try one get 8-9ft.

Thumper 08-05-2018 09:51 AM

In for the kill.......;)b

M16 08-05-2018 11:39 AM

I've always used a chunk of chicken. Take your favorite cajun seasoning and dust it up real good. Pop it in the microwave and heat until it good a juicy. Hang on to the juice. Set your bait out and pour some juice on it. Pour the rest of the juice along the shoreline or on some object close to your hook setup. You should have a nice oily slick on the water. When the water moves it carries the sent for a good distance. Alligators travel with their nose just above the waterline and well hone in on your bait from a long distance.

JasonS 09-12-2018 12:04 PM

Quick update. I got two gators so far, 6”2 and 6”10. Got one tag left. I set the baits a little higher trying fir bigger one so more like 2ft instead 1.5ft. This area has many 4-6ft gators.

I’ll post picks after get other tag filled. I learned a lot, lost bait/line knocked down. Oh, and sticks, I think they like to wind up in limbs more than catfish.

I also love my 4 prong garden rake. I can move weeds/Lillie’s and get the line easier when it’s hung and tangled.

JasonS 09-26-2018 07:08 PM


Last gator was 7’4. All in all great trip. They are harder than deer to skin, IMO. Got about 60lbs if meat. Trying the self tanning for wall mount. Will work on Euro mounts later. Lots of work after you get them, lol.

Merc 09-26-2018 08:28 PM

That's awesome!! Congrats!

I never even thought about Louisiana for drawn gator hunts. Gonna have to look into that.

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JasonS 09-26-2018 09:44 PM

You have to be a resident to draw there. I moved there a few years ago.

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