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southpaw 10-15-2018 08:57 PM

Slow hunting
I'm hunting just outside of Hallettsville and it's been slow. Nothing moving in the daylight hours, as per time in the stand and game cam's. Anybody got a go to strategy to change this? Corn is growing under the feeders😕

Snowflake Killa 10-15-2018 08:59 PM

Small high fence

flywise 10-15-2018 09:00 PM

Walk around
Find trails with obvious signs of traffic
Build a brush blind at a comfortable shooting distance to said trail
Sit from 9 am to 3pm.

glen 10-15-2018 09:02 PM

Just be patient. Stop hunting when acorns on the ground and go fishing or shoot dove. Every year it about the same. Sometimes opening week will be without acorns but not many years

kruppa24 10-15-2018 09:02 PM

Got to go in after them. Probably acorns, find some and hunt there.

Radar 10-15-2018 09:10 PM

I gave up and moved my feeder and blind among the oaks. They still go in the feed pen and eat, when the acorns are falling.

brokeno 10-15-2018 09:15 PM

His weather should get them up on there feet and moving stay put and find some does.

88 Bound 10-15-2018 09:16 PM

The season just started. Find a travel route between the where they bed and the oaks they spend the most time under. Or just wait them out. It will change soon enough.

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