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Pope & Young
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Default Self nocks versus plastic nocks.

How do self nocks hold up to heavier poundages and more frequent shooting? Anyone use self nocks? I'm trying to decide which way to go with a new set of bamboo or ash arrows.
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loco cacahuate
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I've never done self nocks. I would think that if you reenforce it with sinew or such they would probably work.
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Pope & Young
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Tim, I made up some years ago and they worked well out of a 77# long bow. I bought some micarta in strips from a knife maker, about 1/16" thick, and about the thickness of the wood cutting blade on my Dremel tool. I cut a cross ways slot in the back of the shaft and epoxyed the micarta in. Then I predrilled a hole where the string would be That was a little bigger than the string dia. I cut my slot into the back of the shaft a little smaller than the string. It was actually a self snap nock. They worked very good buck took too long to make.
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Ol Man
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I used them for years on all my bows - even my glass bows. They worked great... I used silk thread on mine to keep them from splitting through the shaft. Guess you could use unwaxed dental floss as well if you put some super glue on it to keep it in place. Self nocks work and look great. I am getting too lazy to do them anymore though. As Draco stated... a lot of guys put in pieces of hickory, bocoate, coco-bola etc. running with the grain of your shaft and it really helps... running cross grain defeats the purpose I think but it is just my opinion.
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