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Ten Point
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Default PSE Carrera

Hey guys I just bought a PSE Carrera off of craigslist and turns out I need and draw length three inches shorter than what this bow is. To do that I need a new module that PSE no longer makes. With that being said I could also buy a centerfire but when that is just as much as what you bought the bow for it doesnt make a whole lot of sense. If any one is interested in it, it is a 29" draw length and the weight on it is around 68lbs, let me know and we can work something out. Im looking for a bow with a draw length around 26"-27".

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Jim Bob
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Hey brother - we want to help you. First, see these two threads:

Next - we have been talking about your issue already...

Dude, not trying to be a *****. All on here can help. Look around a little and you will find alot of knowledge and assistance.

Call the PSE number - alot of folks think they can help with what you bought - it could save you some money. If you have called the number already, my apologies. After you have been on board for 30 days with 30 posts, you can submit your item in the 'for sale' section. If you list it for sale in the 'camp fire' section, your id could be pulled per the rules.

Other than that and my pontification -- welcome aboard!!


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Try a Mathews. they make a bow for your draw length.
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Nathan Santos
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Probably should've went to a bowshop to get a newer bow and have it fitted your own personal setup. It would've prevented this problem from happening. you never know what you got when you buy a second hand bow form an unknown source.
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Bill in San Jose
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Carrera is a 9-10 year old PSE bow- but if it fits somebody it will kill a deer or pig just as dead as any new $800 bow.

Find somebody you know who wants to get into bowhunting, and 'lend' him the bow to get started, find one that fits you.

I've had good luck with PSE, Mission (Matthews) has a nice bow in the $300 price range, with a can of Krylon camo the black riser will be ready to hunt.
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Call Coby at the shop in Nacogdoches. Tell em Jason Wells sent u up there and to help ya out... He should be able to find sumthin somewhere. We ran alotta Carrera's thu there...
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Carrera has two different cams. One is the lighting cam which has the 75 to 80 % let off and shoots 315 IBO or something like that and the other is the Orion cam which a lot faster but is only 60 to 65% let off. To fix your problem first you need to figure out which one you have. Modules for the lighting cam are more plentiful as they used it on a lot of different bows such as the Fireflight.
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