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Ten Point
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Default Centaur ILF

I would like to talk about my first ILF bow and all I can say is WOW! Jim at Centaur Archery is very patient man indeed! I was very skeptical about trying my first ILF bow, but he was very understanding and answered all my questions. I decided on 50#XL longbow limbs. I had ordered a vpa vapor riser from vpa archery a couple of weeks before and I was really excited about what the combination would look like and more important how it would shoot. About 2 1/2 weeks later I received my limbs from Jim and they were everything I expected and more. I mounted the limbs on the vapor riser, put a string on it, and went outside to shoot this critter. I can honestly say that I am very happy I stepped out of my comfort zone. The bow shoots great and I'm very impressed with the vpa riser and the centaur ilf limbs. I will be taking it hunting next weekend. I must say again Thanks to Jim at Centaur Archery and to Jeff at VPA Archery for being very patient and understanding on my first ILF bow.
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Pope & Young
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Top O The Line all the way, both ways.

I deal with Jim on almost a daily basis. Not only is he a superb bowyer, craftsman, and artist, he's just down right a Great Guy.

He plays a pretty mean fiddle too.

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Ten Point
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Eight Point
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Jim is an artist and a bowyer.
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Ten Point
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Awesome setup Brother.
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Pope & Young
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Those are some good looking limbs and riser. Congratulations and I hope you have some good luck in your hunt.
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