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Ten Point
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Default HHA sight tapes?

Bought a new bow 2 years ago and just used the blank tape and marked with a pen. Fast fwd to 3-4months ago, I put a new string on and got the bow shot in and to spec's. I started with a new blank tape and pen. 20-60 shooting really good. Came across the sight tapes and decided to use them....but none match?
40-barely off
Are the tapes for the slider different than for the dial?
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Pope & Young
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I think they are different because of the radius of the dial versus the arc. HHA will send you some of the correct tapes I think.
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Six Point
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There is a sight in tape. Shoot a group at 20 write down the number, shoot a group at 60 write down the number then select the yardage tape to match the numbers you hit on with the sight in tape. If I remember correctly.
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