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wmv video 2011 short video

Time is moving too slowly.....It seems like last hunting season was sooooo long ago, I can't wait to kick off the 2012 season. Soon I will be on my way to the Diamond C. While I have been waiting to start my 2012 season I put together a quick video of my 2011 season, which by all measures was pretty good. I took my son on his first licensed hunt for turkey in 2011 and on Easter he took his first turkey. That in and of itself was great but when the taxidermist saw the bird he highly recommended having it scored. The result of that was that my 10 year old son set a new Michigan State record for a Typical Eastern Turkey with the NWTF. He shot it with a .410 at a range of about 8 yards. I really wish I had that on video. Now I make sure I have a camera with me on every hunt. Here are some of the Pix from the turkey my son shot. Should be getting the mount back soon. It weighed in at 26lbs 8 ounces.

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Here is the video of the 2011 season. I am no professional by anymeans. I have messed around with roscoby (done with that) and other camera's mounted to my bow (blurred shots-done with that). This year I will be trying the Lidcam----I am sure this will have alot to be desired as well. I have a few camera arms but I am always worried that the extra movement will get detected and I will miss an opportunity. So any recommendations on videoing/set-ups would be great. Here is my video.....

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Congrats! Nice video.
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Good video
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