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Pope & Young
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For the thug wars, I'd say make one about golf-ball caliber.
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Pope & Young
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Schedule 40 PVC in 4"x36" long. One end cap, reducer to 2" butterfly or ball valve (2") and 2"x36" sc. 40 PVC. Air chuck with threaded bottom.

Glue pipes together, in obvious configuration, and drill hole into end cap and screw/glue chuck into it. Close valve, add tater, connect air hose inflate to desired pressure, aim turn valve, repeat.

I never went over 55psi, but that was more than enough. Few critters met their maker with that cannon and it was completely legal too.

Have fun
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Nubbin' Buck
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There are defin tley dangers involved with air pressure and pvc.
Please read up on this before you do it.
We used to air test pvc sewer pipes until the manufacture put out a do not do warning.
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Four Point
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i used propane on mine. made a simple metering setup and the shot was the same every time. i could fire as fast as someone could load the spud until I had to change propane cylinders.
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Originally Posted by Vantage Point View Post
Sounds like a scene from Anchorman.
Nope only tridents
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Pope & Young
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Originally Posted by SAC View Post
Lemons/limes really fly out of one.
Avacados make for a cooler point of impact
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Ten Point
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Big boy toys make a lot of noise and hurt like h///. But man are they fun.
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