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Default mission craze VS Diamond razors edge

My two boys have saved theie money up (well half cuase its a 50/50 deal we made) for first time bows. I have done some research and have it narrowed down to two bows. Craze and razors edge. Both look to have the best range ofadjustability on DL and DW. I am trying to get some unbiased opinions on overall construction of the bows by some great people on here. I would like to hear from experience which has smoother draws, best draw valleys, best breakover etc. I shoot a PSE which has a very heavy breakover and little let off valley. SOmetimes mine wants to jump out of my letoff if I let up even slightly. With new kids getting into archery I need the better overall bow so that it gives them better feel. They don't have any experieince so I would like some feedback. My oldest son is 15 years old (5'6" 180 lbs) and the other is 13yo (5'6" 180lbs) ANy feedback is welcome and I have narrowed it down to these bows so feedback on these two only please. I just don't want to get confused more than I already am.


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I don't have either one of those bows myself, but I'll share my story anyway...

I looked at the Razor for my daughter for this past Christmas and I was very happy the bow, its adjustability, size, lightweight, and general overall package. But unfortunately, due to finances the way they are, we couldn't swing the price for one and went a different route.

So I'm telling my neighbor and hunting buddy about the Razor. He went to check one out and like it. Liked it so much he sold his Hoyt UltraTec and bought a brand new Razor for himself! Now mind you, he's 6'-0 and about 230 lbs so this thing looks like a toy in his hands, but it's light and manueverable and he says it shoots just as good and quiet as his Hoyt and a previous Mathews he used to have.

He loves it. And his boys can shoot it.

Hope that helps. Oh, and I saw about 8 people standing in line at Bass Pro Shops the day after Christmas with Razors, waiting to get them set up. Every person I spoke to (in line) said that was the best deal for the price on a beginners bow.
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Diamond razor edge

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Both good bows, however I will point out some details I have noticed. The Craze is not half inch adjustable, which on small frames can come in handy. The craze does have several plastic components which are machined aluminum on the Razor Edge. These are the limb pockets, and the rotating modules. IBO's are essentially the same, but the Craze does seem the hold a slight edge on a broader range of adjust ability, though draw length factors in.

Draw, valley, and wall are about equal on both, as they use the same type of cam idea with the module acting as the string stop. Both are slightly spongy due to this.

I think both are great choices for a growing archer.
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razor edge
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The razor edge for sure
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Razor Edge had it for 3 years and love it!
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Default Old Thread

Originally Posted by ALXJIM View Post
Razor Edge had it for 3 years and love it!
LoL, man that is an old thread that is resurfaced.
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