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Nubbin' Buck
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Default Rolling Barrel/Drum Hog Feeder?

I'm trying to make a hog feeder similar to a hog pipe but I want to use a 55 gallon plastic drum. I cou;dn't find a thread on this but would love to see some pictures and how to secure the lid, what kind of swivel to use, etc...
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Ten Point
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I have never seen one like that but i suppose it would work. Due to the high weight of a full drum it might be better as a shake feeder suspended just off the ground. On the ground i wouldn't fill it all the way up. To secure the lid i would just one of the lid rings thats bolts tight not the compression lever.
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OPC Patrick
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the hogs turned my feeder into a rolling drum feeder. They knocked it over broke the spinner off then pushed it around the property until the corn was to low to come out the hole in the center. I would attach the swivel to a band or some type of plate inside. they would rip out a bolt and nut easy enough. I did the truck tire with corn on the inside and they flipped that around the place, it was fun to look for it each week... but I found a rattlesnake in it so I quit with that toy.
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Pope & Young
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I guess it would work just fine. I have had a few feeders that they knocked down, broke the timer off and went to town. Might as well just save them the hassle of diggeng out from under the legs
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Ten Point
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I have seen one that was made out of a beer keg. Same idea holes drill in it and not sure how the lid worked but they had it tied off to a telephone pole i believe, and man did they like it.
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Four Point
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you could get a pickle barrel or something similar. Its a plastic food grade barrel that the lid screws on with a water tight lid. The ones I have are olive barrels and I get them for $8.each
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White Falcon
Pope & Young
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They work great! Only put in one bag of corn, and not too many holes, about 9 on each side. You will need a good tree, 3" or 4" or post to anchor to, a t post won't work. Use a swivel at each end. Find a lid with the bolt on to tighten. Also try to put in a sunny place so corn will not rot!
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bryan sandlin
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six years ago. went to the stand before sun rise. real anger had hold of me when the sun came up and i had no feeder. saw one or two of the legs. but no barrel. confused, got down to see who did the deed. found the motor, or what was left of it, about 50 yards later. the barrel was 75. dented, and muddy. yes, it will work if chained to a tree.
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Old 12-17-2010, 08:31 PM   #9
Pope & Young
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Paint the barrell white. Move all the rocks out of the area. Use good hardware and chain.
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Pope & Young
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We made ours out of smaller plastic drums that contained soap like you would find at a car wash. Put a piece of all-thread through the drum, with a loop welded on one end for the chain. Use an old car rear axle for the stake--the gears on the end keep the hogs from getting the chain off the stake. Can also us a t-post, but drive it upside down so the plate is on top to hold the chain on.
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Old 12-26-2010, 10:13 AM   #11
Nubbin' Buck
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I used a plastic pickle drum - approx 55 gal and and an "I" bolt on solid end (big flat washer on each side of drim so hog won't pull it out) , some heavy chain then attached a steel ring to the chain with a chain link normally used to connect 2 sections of chain. Drilled a few holes with wood boring bit - 1/2" and 3/4" I think. Drive a heavy duty "T" post deep- slip the ring over the T post and they just push it around. I put 50 lb corn and some apples in it. Didn't take them long to find it - originally had a swivel between I bolt and chain but they broke that - the I bolt spins around.
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