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Thumbs up Mule Deer Sausage

I was fortunate to do a rifle hunt for mule deer in British Columbia a few years ago. I was surprised at the difference between mule deer venison and the meat of whitetail deer - both in terms of texture and taste. I like them both! Here is a recipe I made up for some of my mule deer meat.


10 lb (or so) mule deer trimmings
1 lb side bacon
3 lb (or so) pork loin or similar
Montreal Steak Spice
Cumin seed
HY's Seasoning Salt without MSG
3/4 cup (or so) chopped garlic
1.5 cups (or so) liquid honey

Grind the mule deer, bacon, and pork through a medium screen, alternating chunks of mule deer meat with bacon and pork. On a clean flat surface, flatten the ground meat out like a pizza, then season liberally with the three spices, and spoon dollops of garlic onto the meat, then pour the honey over it. Mix very well, in a kneading motion, with your hands, until the mixture is as homogeneous as possible.

Now listen carefully, this is important. Take a small portion of the sausage mixture, make it into a patty, and fry it over medium-high heat. TASTE IT. Not enough salt or honey? Add some. Now is the time to correct the seasonings. Try another patty. OK? It might take a couple adjustments to get the taste just right. When I made this, I was very surprised to find that I needed to add more salt and more honey!

Now either put it through the stuffer to make cased sausages, or package it up like burger for country style sausages.

ENJOY! This is a sweet one, and should be popular with just about everybody.

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