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Nubbin' Buck
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Default Hog Traps

I'm going to dig up/repair an old hog trap at my Dad's place this weekend in Hallettville. There is fresh sign all over the place. Any ideas on how to best set it? (location relative to sign/what to place in it)
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Ten Point
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I'm thinking the same thing in Fayette County. (bump )
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Ten Point
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Find a heavy trail that the hogs are using either to water through a fence or near feeder or a good food source. Make sure to put it in the shade cause they dont last long out in the sun. I caught 33 hogs during spring break and all of my traps were on trails were they were going through the fence.
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Four Point
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Put it anywhere you see signs and bait it, they will come. Hogs pretty much lose all common sense when it comes to getting their bellies full.
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