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Eight Point
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Default arrow selection

When i got my bow, the dude at the bow shop said "These arrows are will probably work with your set up."

Im wanting to tune my bow myself and wondering if i could get better patterns with different arrows and points.

Also Im setting my wife up a bow and need to know how to pick arrows....
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El Coyote
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go to or you can put in poundage, draw length/arrow length, what kinda cam. then it will spit you out some arrow options.
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Pope & Young
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DL and DW will be the biggest factors of what spine you want, On most boxes there will be a chart on the back of the box telling what spine your set up would require. If there is an over lap I would go with the one that is a little over spined. As far as your patterns or groups. The best thing I ever did was switch to smaller pins. For almost 3 years I was shooting .o29 pins thinking I had bought .019. I just thought i couldn't shoot my new bow as well as my old one. I should have realized much sooner, but at the time it was the only bow in the house so I just presumed I had the smaller pin size.
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Pope & Young
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well to be quite honest there is kind of a art form for matching arrows to bows. Every arrow maker has a chart for shaft selection, so finding which one to start with is fairly easy. But then playing with shaft length, fletching and even point weight, you can really get down to the fine tuning of a bow/arrow combination for best all around performance.

Back in the good old days you could buy an aluminum shaft for a couple of bucks, play around with it, and if it didnt work, you weren't wasting a lot of money. Since the shift to carbon, this is much harder to do. I would suggest starting with the most popular brands (Easton) and moving to others depending on what your primary use will be and go from there. The charts will work 95% of the time, and everything should be fine.
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Ten Point
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maybe download the TAP demo and play around with different shaft/point weights?
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Ten Point
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most of the time the quality arrows will have a better groupings than low quality arrow. i shoot middle of the road arrows and i get good groupings and by that i mean i tear them up if there are more than 3 in a group.

What helped me was getting the best FOC that i could, i had to change from 100 gr to 125 gr field points and bh
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Pope & Young
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The charts are only a start. Most charts do not take into account the different style cams on bows today. You can download a couple of arrow programs where you can plug in everything on your bow and set up and they will give you a range on spine and arrow choices to choose from, then give you what arrows from what mfgs will fit in that range. If you have a good quality pro shop, they may be able to help you get very close without spending a lot of money on different shafts. I would lean towards the stiffer side of a selection depending on your set up and atexx2 hit the nail on the head, try to get an foc of better than 10%, really helps in downrange accuracy and grouping.
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Six Point
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Use this link go to bottom and BYOA, Build Your Own Arrow, it is interactive allows you to see the total weight of every item on your shaft, and FOC. HTH
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Six Point
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Gold Tip and Easton are the two biggest companies and both have great shafts. The GT is just priced so much better. Now for the hunters, I would not spend more for a shaft because of straighness. The spine is what makes the arrow shoot better, or worse. I have checked spine on the best and found a bad one here and there. But when you pay more you would expect more.
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Pope & Young
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There is alot of great info here for you to get headed in the right direction, like some have said, choosing the right arrow is just the start.
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