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savin yours
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Default Info needed if you work/hunt/live around rocksprings.

We are looking at buying a place around rocksprings, but my wife is really concerned about the illegals in that area. I hunted with a guy in del rio, and they used to leave the cabin open so they wouldn’t destroy it trying to get in. Is it that bad? It would be for hunting until my kids leave the house, then for extended stay/ possible retirement home. I’ve always hunted hill country and never dealt with it. Thanks

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Eight Point
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I haven't had an issue in regards to house or cabin. They may be having pool parties and I'd never know.

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Ten Point
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From what I’ve heard it is really dependent on where you are at along the normal “routes” illegals travel. We are just south of rocksprings and haven’t had any issues for the last 4 years. We used to keep a box of “goodies” on the front porch hoping it would deter any break-ins. We finally just got rid of it all.
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10 years ago we had a place along 674 south of town and had our trailers broken into and tore up twice in 5 years. Got aggravated the second time when we showed up and the door was wide open, flour was all over the counter and the stove was on low still burning. Sold the place shortly after. I love that area, but that was an absolute joke having to constantly deal with that and pick up trash around the property every time we went out there. We were only 15 minutes south of Rocksprings or so. I highly doubt it has gotten any better since then. Don't get me wrong, I love the area and wouldn't mind having a place around there again some day, but I'd do a lot of research in the area I bought and ask a lot of questions about the history of illegals on it. Border Patrol can't get close to keeping up with them all.
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Had a cabin of a friend broken into multiple times. One time the wetbacks actually broke a section of drywall with a massive log. However I don't think you should have any problems if they know there are people there. If there won't be people there I would suggest bars and locks on every possible entrance.

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Six Point
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be12Hunt said it perfectly. It all depends if you're located near their route. I would call a few of your potential neighbors & ask them. If you ask your real estate agent he/she will probably tell you what you want to hear.
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We have been on our place south west of Rocksprings for 6 years, not a single sign of em. I heard they had a break in a few years before that though but nothing to say it wasnt just a trespasser vs an illegal
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