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Default Three Fingers live hunt recap

I headed down to Fairfield Friday at noon for a weekend of traditional bowhunting with some old friends and some new friends. I got there at 3:30 thanks to some serious traffic due to a wreck in Dallas. I got the Sarrels Sierra out and did a little pre hunt shooting. I was hitting where I wanted to with good groups out to 25 yards. The rest of the crew showed up and we all picked our stands. We headed out and I was in my stand around 5:30. I wasn't there long and I had a fallow doe and a couple whitetail doe at the feeder. It wasn't long before 8 more whitetail doe came in. I was siting there watching them eat when they all of a sudden took off. Just a couple seconds later a group of 10 pigs came running in. I sat and watched them waiting for a clear shot at a spotted pig that weighed around 30 pounds. After several minutes I finally got the shot I wanted. I raised my bow and came to full draw, I relaxed my fingers and my arrow flew just over top of the pig. They all took off and I sat there a little hot at myself for missing. I got down and got my arrow then climbed back up in the stand. The feeder went off and it wasn't long before all the whitetail doe came back. I watched them for awhile and then they all took off again. Shortly about a 130 pound boar came in and started eating. He turned broadside and again I came to full draw. I aimed a little low and relaxed my fingers. The arrow passed just under him and if the broadhead didnt cut him it didn't miss much. I was seriously dejected at that point having missed 2 straight shots at hogs. Ben came and picked everybody up and we headed back to camp. When we got there Ryan had fried fish, hush puppies, and fries ready to eat. Bed time came at midnight with the alarm set for 4:00 am. I was giving the thought to leaving the longbow at camp and taking the GTO for the morning hunt. After a little pep talk from some of you guys here on the green screen I decided to stick with the Sierra. We got up at 4:00 got everybody lined out on where we were all hunting. I went back to the same stand I hunted the night before. Well before daylight the same group of little pigs came in and milled around. I never got a clear shot at the spotted pig I wanted and they left shortly before the feeder went off. After the feeder went off a few whitetail doe came in followed by Larry the short bus red stag. Larry is a red stag that has some issues. His horns are messed up and he just doesn't seem right. He was eating at the protien feeder and a squirrel showed up under the corn feeder. I shot at the squirrel and he jumped the string but at least my shot placement was good. I got down to get my arrow and Larry decided to come check me out. He walked right up to me so I scratched him on his head. After a little scratching Larry went back to the protein feeder. I got my arrow and climbed back in the stand. I wasn't there long when a female red deer snuck up behind the protein feeder. She was seriously skid dish and took her time getting in the open. She finally gave me a clear shot and I came to full draw. I relaxed my fingers and the arrow was in the air. Just as I shot she turned slightly and the arrow hit her in the front of the shoulder. It went through and cut her jugular and hit the ground on the other side. She was spewing blood when she took off across the pasture. I sent a text to Ryan letting him know I had a deer bleeding. I sat there for 45 minutes waiting on Ben to come get me. I Finally heard the truck coming so I climbed down and started following blood. I followed the blood across the open and just into the tree line where I found my red deer laying. I cannot explain how I felt right then. I was shaking all over trying to text everybody to tell them I had found her. Ben got there and helped me drag her out of the brush. We got her loaded up and headed back to camp. Pictures were taken of me and my deer plus a couple of the others in the group that had stuck hogs. the evening hunt that evening and the morning hunt this morning was pretty much uneventful. We got back to camp this morning and there was a big red boar behind a feeder about 250 yards from camp. I grabbed my Sierra and headed that way. I got a tree between me and the hog and worked my way toward the hog. Once I was about 60 yards from the hog I didnt have the tree for cover. I just moved real slow step by step inch by inch forward. I finally got within 20 yards but had to move to my right to get a clear shot. Everybody was watching from camp so the pressure was on to make the shot. I drew and let the arrow fly. The shot was a little high and the boar ran a circle. I nocked another arrow and shot again with the boar angled away from me. The arrow hit him in the middle of the rib cage and went in toward the lungs and heart. The boar took off and I watched him till he went out of sight. We finally found him and he was laying down but still alive. I put a bullet in him to finish him and we loaded him in the truck and that ended an amazing weekend and one hunt I will never forget as long as I live.
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