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Default Letís See Your Lightweight (Mobile) Public Land Setups! (Stands/sticks & climbers)

Hey folks! Iíve had a few people ask me how exactly I haul my stand in and out of the woods since I hang and hunt. I started out with a climber in 2011, but a couple years ago I switched to an XOP Vanish Xt (pretty much a lone wolf clone, same original designer for LW).

Anyhow, Iíve looked at Gameplan Gearís TTS (theyíre now out of business), the Sitka Tool Bucket, and other frame pack options. But so far nothing has beat my Molle II straps attached to the bottom of this stand.

So how do I carry and attach it? Well, these arenít the best pics but hereís a step by step I took the other day. Hereís what it looks like before carting it around. backpack and sticks attached.

Website photo

stand with Molle II shoulders straps and kidney belt attached

As for the sticks, Iíve gone with some X-stand mantis sticks, but Iím debating replacing them with Hawk Helium, XOP or Lone Wolf sticks with the versa button mod. Regardless of what I go with, and this is likely the most important part of this post, Iíll be replacing the buckles with 8mm static line. This stuff has saved a LOT of weight but a lot more time and is a heck of a lot more quiet! Plus the rope distributes the weight more evenly, so when you swing it around the tree in the dark itís way easier to catch than playing sling-buckle. The other nice thing is that you can make the rope as long as you like! I have mine set at 8 foot, loop included. This rope can be purchased at any store that sells climbing spec rope. I bought mine from REI.

Stick attached to tree. Around the button the ropes kind of have this Chinese finger trap type motion that tightens and pops into place. Simply hitch it off and the weight wonít allow it to move.

So, how do I get in the tree?

Well from ground level I attach the first stick about shoulder height. On my first stick I have attached a 3 foot loop of mil spec tubing to put my foot in. This gives me a bit more height.

After attaching that stick, I put my linemanís belt on the tree. THIS IS ESSENTIAL. I canít stress this enough as I would fall off the tree leaning back if I tried this without one.

Once the first step is on the tree, the treestand goes on my back with a pull up line attached to my bag, and a pull up line from my bag to my bow. It can be hard setting em out to make sure they arenít tangled, but I want to be in the tree IN ONE TRIP.

On my harness I have a paracord loop on each side. One stick goes in the loop on either side, like so.

I then put stick #2 (after attaching linemanís belt and stick #1 with the tube loop) on top of stick one and climb up. Then I attach it. Then on to the next step til I get to the top. I get there I take the stand off my back, attach my tree strap (which my harness will connect to) then attach the stand to the tree. I couldnít get pics of this, but if you google ďcam locking a tree standĒ you can get it done with a single strap. You do this by attaching the strap to the tree, lifting the platform, then dropping your knee onto the seat with the platform slightly elevated. Then lower the stand platform and it will wedge the stand into the tree, providing for a VERY solid platform. If youíre not comfortable with a single strap, XOP has a button for the second strap but I donít find this necessary.


This whole setup weighs about 20-25lbs. This jumps to around 30-35 with my backpack, which I attach to the stand with bungee straps and my lineman harness which doubles as a tie down strap.

With all of this, I can usually be up a tree and hunting in 10-15 minutes from the time I get there to when Iím ready. Iím sure I could pare it down some with practice but Iím never in that much of a hurry since Iím usually up hiking early.

If you have a similar setup or any tips or critiques, Iíd love to see them! Share what you got! Maybe you have something better that I havenít thought of! view from the tree
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