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Thumbs up Barnes-keith ranch---Top shelf

hey guys just came back from my first hunt of the year, booked a 5 day hunt with Barnes-Keith ranch near San Saba. all I can say is what a great place to bow hunt! They have over 10,000 beautiful acres of bowhunting paradise, great facilitys, tons of critters and good food. you have got to hunt out of there home made ground blinds, very cool i had a 130" buck in front of me on first morning but couldnt get camera and pins on him at same time so after he left a doe was much more co operative and she piled up in 30 yds after she got the 2 balde Rage. Sat the rain started and never stopped until I left on sunday! The moon was full and acorns were falling like mad. made a phone call to Bob Keith the owner and told him of the crummy weather and he told me to come back for free when the conditions are better, he is genuinly concerned about your hunt and that is hard to find.
although I spent only a couple days there I saw tons of targets. The ranch has both high and low fenced areas and some huge exotics at a very fair price and not to mention the trophy hunts are as cheap as you can find with NO kill fees. I have had the good fortune to be able to hunt some of best ranches in Texas and this one is at the top of the heap! Watch for this hunt on CSE outdoors on sundays @ 230 on local ch 55 Keep the wind in your face and the lord in your heart.
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I am glad you enjoyed it, I worked on the BK for 4 years and it is by far prettiest ranch I have ever been on. Robert and Bob are both good guys. Which pasture did you hunt? I would enjoy looking at any pictures you took while there. Thanks for sharing
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I've heard nothing but good things from them
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Do you have any pictures of the homemade blinds at the Barnes-keith ranch?
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It's one of the ranches I've wanted to hunt since I started bowhunting as a teenager. Need to bite the bullet.
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