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Default Healthy Recipes

Alright fellas, its time for a lifestyle change. Looking for some healthy recipe ideas. I'll eat pretty much anything, but I am needing to get away from the carbs. We find ourselves in the same ole routine and when it comes to eating healthy we are not very consistent. My wife stays home so she has time to cook a healthy meal we just get tired of eating the same stuff over and over which causes us to make some more unhealthy choices during the week. We both agreed its time to really make an adjustment and really make an effort to make healthier choices. That leads me here to asking for ya'lls help.

I know many of us come from different walks of life on here.Maybe this is a good place to share some of your healthy recipes for people like myself that are just trying to throw a curveball to change it up and stay on track.

MODS if this is in the wrong spot please move for me.
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Have you checked the recipes section? Pretty good stuff there

Sierracharlie outů
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I have been doing these vegetable trays for dinner and a few left over meals after. You can add any veggies you like.. i like sweet potato or butternut squash as the main base and then add all the other vegetables. I put foil on a cookie sheet, olive oil it up a little.. cut up sweet potatoes and carrots into bite size pieces, cover with foil cut some slits in the top.. cook just the carrots and sweet potatoes 375 for 25min.. cut up green zucchini, an apple, mushrooms, onions, Brussels sprouts, green beans, asparagus, bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower or whatever you wanna put in it.. cut into bite size pieces, mix in a bowl with olive oil, salt pepper and i love Mrs Dash on vegetables.. take out the sweet potatoes.. uncover ...and dump all the other veggies on top of the sweet taters. Spread out the best you can and cook for another 25 min or so.

Eat as a side with a good cut of meat or as dinner itself sometimes. It's pretty filling on its own. Leftovers you can warm up and add your favorite hot sauce!

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Pan fried fish (MahiMahi) with asparagus. Better if you can get it fresh but still really good if you can only get frozen like I have to from Wally World. Olive oil and butter in a pan. Dust fish with shupacabra seasoning. Pan fry fish. While frying the fish microwave the asparagus for 30 seconds at a time and cook to a tender consistency that you like. Once the fish is done plate it and toss the asparagus into the pan, add some butter and dust with shupacabra seasoning as well. This will work with any kind of fish and vegetable you like. It is a quick and delicious meal.
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We try to mix it up on recipes but the basic components are the same every week. Chicken, venison or fish as a protein, grilled or roasted vegetables (usually 2), sometimes rice/couscous or quinoa.

Easy to buy most of it in bulk but still end up at the store 2-3x per week for veggies and avocados. Vac seal in marinades for either asian, mexican, bbq or "neutral" seasonings. If you get bored with the same meals I'm not really any help. With a toddler and both of us working we have a pretty set routine. Monday - venison and veg, tues: crockpot (will last for lunch and dinner wed), thurs - lettuce wraps, fri - salmon and salad, sat/sun grill with veg and grain/potato

as much as I hate to say it pinterest has a ton of great healthy recipes
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Kinda doing the same thing, gave up sweet coffee creamer-alcohol-soda pop, and cut all my carbs in half. Substituting in a lot of vegetables and eating an apple or orange for a snack in afternoons between lunch and dinner. Eating a bunch of chicken, fish, and small portions of red meat. For hamburger in my soups and casseroles I brown it, then drain. Add a cup of water and cook again and drain-this removes all the fats and oils, then I throw it in stews.

I'm down 42# since December 14th. Sure got a lot of clothes back that I hadn't worn for a while!!

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Ranch dressing has a dry powder in shaker container...Thats LO in cal ....might be worth a shake
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