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Default Del Rio area protein feed

Some of you may remember my diy protein feeders

I love everything about them, except filling them. They are so tall we have to carry bags up a extension ladder. As you can imagine that gets to be a lot of work.

2 weeks ago we only put 10 bags in each. And I became determined to figure out a better way. Looked at and discussed several diy blowers and really didnít like the reviews I was getting. Decided someone has to rent a bulk trailer out. Called Speere feed in uvalde, yes they had one but all he had in bulk was Double Down. Yes I know that if I would feed that my deer would instantly be 180Ē deer. But Iíd also be divorced so had to really think about it. In the end she won.

Decided to call Del Rio Feed. Yes they had one. Bulk feed is Purina Anter Advantage. ďOk how much. $412.50 a tonĒ how much for the trailer? ď oh no sir that was including the $30 a ton trailer feeĒ.
So Iím quickly doing redneck math with my fingers and toes. Oh ok thatís only a couple cents more per 50# than Iím paying for M&G.

So almost everyday I called with another newbie question and every time Pam answered immediately or called me right back with the answer. So I booked it for 2 tons for yesterday afternoon.

If I wasnít so fat, Iíd kick myself square in the back of the head for not doing this sooner. This thing is amazing! From our redneck math, we figured it puts out about 200# a minute. We did blow a fuse once and werenít prepared. But rigged it up for the last 300#. 2 tons of feed in 3 feeders and never broke a sweat! I guess the only real draw back is, I have to make a trip in today to take it back. But hey in this heat a little AC ride in the middle of the day isnít going to hurt this fat boy.

If you close to Del Rio call Pam she will hook you up.

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