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Pope & Young
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Default Dangit I think I just got addicted to something else!

My morning deer hunt just escalated so fast, my heart nearly exploded. I'm sitting here over this field, ready to bust a doe at 200-250 yards, jyst waiting for one to step out. Got my rifle on the tripod, I'm kicked back in my lawn chair, kinda behind this oak tree and some scrub brush. Berri peaceful, slow morning, but a few deer moving. Then, out of nowhere, I hear rumbling to me left, like a doggone stampede (entirely possible as we have cattle on the lease) but no, it was a lone coyote. That sucker came blasting out of the woods 20 yards to my left, stopped turned around and started trotting back into the woods. I grabbed my rifle off the tripod, swung it around and fired, missing. But then the danged thing turned around again and bolted out in front of me. By three time I got my rifle back onto the tripod the coyote was about 125 yards out, still loping away and to the right. I put my crosshairs a few inches in front of him and let her rip. Down went the fawn killer, and I make 75 bucks for killing it. Now, to find a good cardiologist, but that was fun. I like fast paced hunting.

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Lol....good work.

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